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Faraji Oil and Diesel Company is a leader supplying Commercial and Industrial customers in UAE with the very best diesel, kerosene, Fuel oil, Furnace oil, and other petroleum products available today. Faraji Oil and Diesel Company have taken a proud ownership of including Diesel, Kerosene, Fuel Oil and Tankers for rent on their product offerings.

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Please fill out the form and fax to +971-6-743-5855 or E-mail to Sales@alfarajioil.com

We offer the following  products with the best quality and service.

Diesel (I/G) Furnace oil (I/G)
Kerosene (I/G) Used (I/G)
Black Diesel(I/G) Diesel Engine Oil (20liters)
Fuel Oil (I/G) Diesel Engine Oil (1x12)
Crude Oil (I/G)
Diesel Engine Oil (1x5x6)

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